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Role of Title IX Officer


  • Assume leadership and direction of the University compliance efforts and education of the campus community regarding Title IX rights and responsibilities, and university nondiscrimination policies, including the processes for filing complaints for purposes of investigation and resolutions;
  • Lead and monitor the university’s overall implementation of federal and state civil rights compliance.
  • Maintain current knowledge of emerging regulatory trends and requirements, federal and state laws, and applicable University policies related to Title IX and other federal and state civil rights statutes.


  • Monitors and implements Title IX compliance, in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements, federal and state laws, and applicable university policies.
  • Monitors and implements compliance with other federal and state civil rights statutes.

Program Review

  • Reviews education/training programs and data/records pertaining to sexual misconduct complaints, investigations and findings on an annual basis, incorporating input from community partners, to assess effectiveness of campus efforts to prevent sexual misconduct, and
  • Recommend changes, as appropriate, to senior administrators.

Training, Development, and Implementation

  • Develop, implement and coordinate training for the campus community, which includes: students, faculty, and staff; “responsible employees” and ”first responders” who receive complaints, and investigators and adjudicators of complaints.

Complaint Investigation and Resolution

  • Manage the receipt, investigation, and disposition of complaints.
  • Ensure prompt, thorough, objective and confidential resolutions to complaints.


  • Actively collaborate with campus departments and agencies including the University Health Center, Counseling Center, Office of Student Conduct, Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, and the Department of Resident Life in overseeing reported cases, victim assistance, and student education programs.
  • Collaborate with Staff, Faculty and Graduate Student Ombuds Officers and the University Equity Officer in monitoring emerging cases and assisting victims.
  • Consult and collaborate with President’s Legal Counsel on specific cases and current regulatory activities and developments.