Portrait of Grace Karmiol, Esq.

Grace Karmiol, Esq.

Director and Title IX Officer
Portrait of Angela Nastase

Angela Nastase

Associate Director
Portrait of Tamara M. Saunders

Tamara M. Saunders

Training Manager for Policy & Prevention
Portrait of Kelin E. McCloskey

Kelin E. McCloskey

EEO/Title IX Intake Coordinator
Portrait of Jamie D. Brennan

Jamie D. Brennan

Senior Investigator
Portrait of Rosanne Stafiej

Rosanne Stafiej

Senior EEO Investigator
Portrait of Kendall Horneman

Kendall Horneman

Title IX Specialist
Portrait of Marah Taylor

Marah Taylor

EEO Specialist
Portrait of Despina Thomas

Despina Thomas

Graduate Assistant
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