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Reporting Obligations For Faculty

Reporting Obligations for Faculty, Teaching Assistants, and Academic Advisors

All UMD Faculty, Teaching Assistants and Academic Advisors Are Responsible University Employees (RUE) and are Required To Report ALL Disclosures of Sexual Misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator.

What Does This Mean?

Faculty, academic advisors, instructors and teaching assistants employed at UMD are required to notify the Title IX Officer when they become aware of any type of sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship abuse, domestic or dating violence and stalking, including such conduct occurring via email, texting, and other electronic means. The reporting obligation applies no matter where the conduct occurred, and applies to disclosures in written assignments. The Title IX Officer will further explore the issues with the student/colleague.

Federal Law and UMD Policy

University Policy requires that all RUEs must promptly notify the Title IX Officer of any sexual misconduct brought to their attention, including in the context of academic advising sessions and individual appointments - as they are NOT confidential. This obligation is presented in the online training that all university employees are required to complete.

How to Respond to Student/Colleague Disclosures of Sexual Misconduct?

  1. Remind them that you are not a confidential resource and are obligated to notify the Title IX Officer of all disclosures of sexual misconduct.
  2. Thank them for trusting you. (Do not investigate. Do not question the individual.)
  3. Refer the person directly to OCRSM ( You can also inform them of the following:
    1. OCRSM will provide the complainant with reporting options and available resources, conduct an initial assessment of the report, and determine appropriate next steps.
    2. OCRSM operates with discretion and will work with those individuals/supervisors who are on a need-to-know basis about the report in order to discuss and/or implement Supportive Measures.

Where and What do I Report?

Complete the online form – Report Sexual Misconduct Online

If you don’t know all the information below, that is fine. You do not need to interview or investigate. Report what you know.

  • Names of complainant and respondent, if known (you do not need to investigate to get the information)
  • The status of the parties – to the extent known (e.g., staff, student, non-student, faculty, etc.)
  • Type of sexual misconduct (e.g., sexual assault, harassment, stalking, etc.)
  • Date and location of the incident (if known)
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