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Infographics and Materials

The OCRSM has created a series of infographics and educational documents aimed at summarizing critical parts of the office, services offered, and initiatives for students, staff, and faculty to have easy access to information they need. OCRSM's digital brochure, infographics and flyers, and resources for RUEs may be found below. 

Digital Brochure

Please click on the button below to access OCRSM's brochure digitally. OCRSM's brochure provides a summary of OCRSM's services and resources as well as details contact information for a variety of on-campus resources. Physical copies of the brochure can be access by visiting the OCRSM. 

Educational Infographics and Flyers

The OCRSM offers the following infographics: OCRSM Overview, Supportive Measures Overview, Campus Resources Overview, Pregnancy and Parenting Students Resources, Policy and Procedures Overview, and Interpersonal Violence Flyer (for Domestic Violence Awareness Month [DVAM]). Click on the buttons below to view the listed infographics. 

Resources for Responsible University Employees (RUEs)

The below resources are designed to support the reporting responsibilities of RUEs. To learn more about Responsible University Employees, please visit the "Reporting Requirements for Staff & Faculty" page of the OCRSM website. 

Syllabus Language & Talking Points Document (Google Docs)

This resource aims to provide RUEs with language to include on their syllabi as a notice of their mandatory reporting responsibilities. In addition, this resources aims to provide talking points for RUEs to discuss the following: 

  • Give a brief overview of OCRSM
  • Emphasize RUEs' duty to report and the purpose of RUE responsibilities, which are to ensure access to information as well as resources. 
  • Help RUEs differentiate between confidentiality and privacy when discussing their reporting responsibilities.
  • Give an explanation of how to report to OCRSM.
  • Encourage RUEs to share information on supportive measures and how to access them.
  • Summarize confidential on-campus resources.

Sample Script: Explaining Your Duty to Report (Google Docs)

The OCRSM has created a sample script that aims at detailing suggested language for RUEs to use when explaining their duty to report. This sample script serves as a road map to navigating a disclosure with care and allows spaces for pauses for questions/discussion. For more suggestions on how to navigate a disclosure, please visit the "Reporting Requires for Staff & Faculty" page of the OCRSM website. 

If you have questions about the information and resources above, please contact OCRSM Director/Title IX Coordinator, Angela Nastase, at
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