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New Employee Training

OCRSM works with University Human Resources (UHR) to obtain new employee information on a monthly basis and assigns the respective trainings accordingly. All new employees are assigned the Preventing Harassment and Discrimination with Title IX / Clery Act training, as well as any existing supplemental training. The supplemental training currently available is  Accommodating People with Disabilities. All online training courses are sponsored by VectorSolutions (Vector), an approved University vendor who is authorized to host the University’s training. It is the responsibility of departments with non-computer based staff members (i.e., employees who do not use computers at work and who may not have a University email address) and employees who do not speak English to ensure that these employees are aware of and receive the training in a timely manner.

All new employees and non-computer based employees who are able to complete the training online, please follow the below training enrollment instructions. 

Training Enrollment Instructions:

To enroll in the required online training for Staff, Faculty, and Graduate Students, please complete our Online Training Request Form.

If you experience trouble accessing our online training request form, please email and include the following information: 

  • Full Name
  • UID
  • University Email Address
  • Title
  • Office and Division
  • Indicate which of the following items matches your job description best: Staff Supervisor, Staff Non-Supervisor, Faculty, Graduate Assistant

*Please note: Supervisors and Faculty receive supplemental training on ADA Compliance. 

All non-computer based employees, including contingent employees, who are unable to complete the training online, must be provided the in-person version of the training, as follows: 

  • Facilitator - The department must designate a facilitator for their staff training. The departmental facilitator will meet with OCRSM to review the training and OCRSM will provide the facilitator with the PowerPoint presentation in both English and Spanish, along with support materials.
  • Schedule/Frequency – Due to the nature and variety of work shifts and the particular scheduling challenges faced by certain departments, supervisors will need to coordinate with their departmental facilitator to ensure that new employees receive the training in a timely manner. Training should be provided/repeated during staff orientations at the beginning of each semester; during other scheduled meeting or training sessions held during the year; and/or to individual employees, scheduled around their work shifts.
  • Translation - The department must coordinate translation of the training for speakers of languages other than English or Spanish. OCRSM will provide training materials in additional languages as they become available.

Employees will receive an assignment email communicating a 30-day deadline to complete the training. Subsequent reminders will be sent during the 30-day period. Employees who do not complete the training by the deadline will continue to receive periodic reminders throughout the year, until they have completed the training.


OCRSM will produce reports illustrating who has and has not completed the compliance training. These reports will be made available through the President’s Office to all the Divisions and Colleges for the respective unit heads to monitor their faculty and staff completion rates upon request.

What is Vector?

VectorSolutions (Vector) is a higher education learning platform through which staff and faculty access interactive, online courses designed to provide awareness, prevention and training to staff and faculty about important issues.

Accessing the Vector Training Platform 

An email invitation is sent to the email address on file from University Human Resources (UHR) log in instructions. To access the training, click on your Training Plan as noted on the email invitation, and log into UMD's Vector training site. Vector is an approved University vendor who is authorized to host the University’s training and uses CAS/DUO - UMD's multi-factor authentication system for logging in. 

More resources to help you get started are available on the Vector Solutions support site. 

If you have any questions or need accommodations as you complete the training, you may email the Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct (OCRSM) training account at You may also directly contact Alejandra K. Galarce Diaz, Training Manager for Policy and Prevention ( in the Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct.
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