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Campus Involvement

The Title IX Student Advisory Board (TIXSAB)

The Title IX Student Advisory Board (TIXSAB) is open to all students from various campus organizations and student groups and was established to create consistent communication between the student body and the OCRSM on institutional response to sexual misconduct and related policies and procedures. The TIXSAB serves as a forum for students and the OCRSM intended to identify and bring attention to areas related to Title IX that affect the student body. The establishment of a TIXSAB acts as an outlet to ensure students’ voices and perspectives from a variety of spaces on campus are heard and considered when it comes to the university’s response in addressing Title IX and other forms of misconduct reports. For more information, please email

The Sexual Assault Prevention Committee (SAPC)

The Sexual Assault Prevention Committee (SAPC) is a committee of stakeholders on campus who meet monthly to implement and coordinate the University of Maryland’s sexual assault prevention plan. This section includes an overview of the sexual assault prevention plan, summary of activities, list of committee members and their office websites, and the contact information of the committee point person.

For questions regarding campus involvement, you may directly contact Alejandra K. Galarce Diaz, Training Manager for Policy and Prevention ( in the Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct. 
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