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Training & Education

The Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct’s ("the OCRSM") main mission is to foster learning and working environments free from all forms of discrimination and harassment. One fundamental way the OCRSM uplifts this mission is by offering training, education, and outreach opportunities for offices, departments, and student groups across campus. An essential part of the OCRSM's training efforts is the distribution of required online training courses assigned for all new employees and graduate students to complete within the first 30 days of their time at the university. As part of the OCRSM's education and outreach efforts, the OCRSM offers online and in-person compliance training aimed at informing the campus community and increasing awareness around policies, rights, supportive measures, and other available resources on and off campus. Additionally, the OCRSM provides educational opportunities via workshops and campus-wide events around topics such as healthy relationships, boundaries, digital safety, and more to promote awareness around prevention and intervention efforts on our campus. 

To learn more about the OCRSM’s training curriculum for in-person training, online courses, training for new employees, graduate students and TAs/GAs, and upcoming events, please visit the pages below. 

Training for Graduate Students, GAs/TAs, and Other Student Staff

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On & Off Campus Resources

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Campus Advocates Respond and Educate to Stop Violence (CARE) Workshops

Campus Partner

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Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Campus Partner

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