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Disability (Physical or Mental)

Federal & State Laws, Definitions & Resources

Campus Resources

Reasonable Accommodations for Students

Reasonable Accommodations for Students are adjustments including academic assistance, modifications to rules, policies, or practices; environmental adjustments, such as the removal of architectural, communication, or transportation barriers; or auxiliary aids and services necessary for a student to participate in University programs, services, or activities.

Reasonable Accommodations for Staff, Faculty and Student Employees

Reasonable Accommodations for Staff, Faculty and Student Employees are changes to a job, the work environment, or the way things are usually done that allow an individual with a disability to apply for a job, perform job functions, or enjoy equal access to benefits available to other individuals in the workplace.

  • Accommodations for Staff: To request an accommodation, staff members should contact UHR
  • Accommodations for Faculty: Faculty Accommodation Request Form - To request an accommodation, faculty members must complete the request form linked above and submit it to Faculty Affairs.

UMD Facilities Management (FM)

UMD Facilities Management (FM) - To report issues of accessibility on campus, please call the CRC at 301-405-2222. A staff member is available to assist you 24/7.

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion provides active oversight, coordination, and evaluation of the University of Maryland’s equity, diversity and inclusion activities; manages and tracks implementation of the Strategic Plan for Diversity; and encourages and supports the efforts of units to achieve their diversity goals.

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